An increasing and exciting development of Young Gardener are our Work Shops. Designed with Key Stage's 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum in mind, the Workshops aim to excite and enthuse, as well as amuse Children from pre-school through to 7 years old.

Workshops are held on site at Young Gardener, usually for a period of one hour and will concentrate on a particular topic, this can be combined with work which may be taking place in school, thus serving as a re-enforcement or compliment the existing studies.

A typical workshop may concentrate on a Vegetable such as the Carrot, the children are given interesting and fun information relating to the Carrot, together with experiments and actual sowing of seeds, we have a lovely growing area which they find great fun, especially when encouraged to get their hands into bags of compost! The seeds sown can then be taken back to school to be grown on in the classroom or School Garden.

Currently a charge of £6.50 per child is made. For further information please contact Graham on 07951-697284 or

As well as Workshops at Young Gardener, School visits are a further option. Sue is currently working in school with several schools in the Worcestershire area. This comprises a mixture of Classroom work and outdoor activities, if a Garden or Growing area is available. Children are taught the importance of gardening related to Ecology and Environment, balancing what we grow with nature, thereby increasing the Good Bugs and decreasing the Bad Bugs, encouraging the Birds and Butterflies. Also the use of Companion Planting, showing how plants can help one another.

A very important part of this is the use of recycling, how many unusual objects can we grown in, what can we use instead of seed trays, cardboard toilet roll holders make wonderful root trainers!! This part is just as interesting to adults as well as children.

Again for further information please contact Graham on 07951-697284 or